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When the time comes to remodel your New York City home, seek out the remodeling services of CE Space Planning Inc.. Offering a full suite of home remodeling services, we’re here to revitalize kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more, turning drab and outdated rooms into modernized and fully functional standout spaces.

We renovate homes and businesses with care while providing our clients with incomparable customer service. Look to us when you want access to energy-efficient and cost-effective building materials, in-depth design consultations, and streamlined building workflows.

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Remodelers Elevating Comfort and Value

When it comes to enhancing the comfort and value of your New York City home, our remodeling company stands at the forefront of innovation and craftsmanship. We’re the remodelers who elevate home comfort and home value at the same time.

We offer a wide array of services designed to transform your living spaces into inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing areas. Here's how our remodeling expertise can revitalize your home according to your preferences, budget, and values:

Kitchen Renovations

Our kitchen remodeling services are renowned for creating stylish and highly functional culinary spaces. By updating countertops, cabinetry, and appliances, we can optimize the heart of your home, making it more enjoyable for daily living while boosting property value.

Do you want more space to prepare food? We’ll take that into consideration. Do you want more lighting? We’ll see if a skylight is an option for you to provide a natural lighting source.

Bathroom Upgrades

We specialize in luxurious bathroom renovations that not only increase the comfort of your living experience but also add significant value to your home. Upgraded fixtures, modern designs, and efficient layouts are just a few ways we enhance these essential spaces.

Basement and Attic Conversions

Transforming underutilized spaces into functional living areas is one of our specialties. Whether it's converting your basement into a cozy family room or your attic into an additional bedroom, these renovations expand your home's usable square footage and appeal to potential buyers.

Energy-Efficient Home Renovations

Energy efficiency plays a pivotal role in the quest to simultaneously enhance home comfort and market value. If you’re like most modern homeowners, you’re increasingly conscious of your environmental footprint and rising utility bills. Our remodeling company excels in delivering energy-efficient solutions that address these concerns.

Look to us when you want:

  • Window replacements
  • New appliance installation
  • Door replacements
  • Lighting upgrades
  • …and more

Great Savings with Efficient Residential Remodeling

At our remodeling company, we believe that energy-efficient upgrades offer immediate and long-term benefits, ensuring you save money at every stage of your home improvement journey. From the outset, we provide up-front cost-saving opportunities by offering competitive pricing on energy-efficient materials and appliances. By investing in these products during your renovation project, you can benefit from reduced utility bills from day one, helping you recoup your initial investment faster than you might expect.

Professional Guidance on Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Unsure which direction to take your project? Our remodelers are committed to guiding you through the process of selecting energy-efficient upgrades that align with your budget and lifestyle. While some improvements may have higher initial costs, such as window replacements or solar panel installations, our experts help you explore available incentives, tax credits, and financing options to ease the financial burden.

These measures not only make your project more affordable but also ensure that you move forward without unnecessary future costs getting in the way. In the long run, our energy-efficient solutions continue to pay dividends by significantly lowering your ongoing energy expenses, enhancing your home's value for resale, and contributing to a more sustainable future for you and your community.

Turning Houses into Homes

Many people don’t want to sell their home for a new one—they want to make their existing house feel more like the home they’ve always wanted. With the right remodeling contractors overseeing the project, you too can get results that make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Work with the remodelers on our team when you want results that endure. More than just aesthetic flourishes, we implement renovations that add value to your home while continuing to look wonderful for years—even decades—to come.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • Whole home remodeling
  • …and more

Add Value to Your Home

We all know the remodeling services of a professional contractor improve your home’s functionality and appearance—but the right remodeler can add value to the home, too. Working with us ensures that your remodeling investment pays dividends should you ever sell your home.

Home Additions Are Our Specialty

Adding a home addition designed by a professional remodeler can provide a multitude of benefits. For one, it can increase your living space, making your home more comfortable and functional. It can also provide room for growing families, more storage space, and enhanced curb appeal. Adding an addition can also offer customization options, allowing you to tailor your space to meet your specific needs and preferences.

A home addition can provide space for the following:

  • Home entertainment areas
  • A home office
  • A guest suite
  • Rental apartments
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • …and more

A home addition can also allow for aging in place and multigenerational living. Everyone stands to benefit when your family exists in a communal environment, and we can help make that happen for you.

Build the Home You Want

Home remodeling is a great way to give yourself the house you want without changing addresses. With residential remodeling services, you can finally give yourself a home that suits your tastes, accommodates your guests, and more. What could be better than that?

Property owners throughout New York City know there is only one team to trust with such a task—and that is ours. At CE Space Planning Inc., we bring homes into the 21st century, and we do so in a timely fashion and for a competitive rate.

Whether you're looking to turn your main floor into an open-concept space or you want to transform your bathroom, we can help you. All you have to do? Simply contact us at (718) 937-0513.

Breathe New Life into Your Property with Our Remodeling Services

Home remodeling can breathe new life into your home in many ways. The process can update outdated features—such as flooring, countertops, lighting fixtures, and room layout—giving your home a fresh and modern look. Alternatively, you can steer clear of the contemporary look and go for something rustic and timeless. When you work with us, the choice is always yours. We build you the home of YOUR dreams, not anyone else’s.

Our home remodeling services are designed to enhance your quality of life. After all, when you're unhappy with your home, it can damper your day-to-day routine. But when you love your space, it makes every day that much better.

We understand that every client is different. And because of that, we take a unique approach to every project we undertake. We'll sit down with you to discuss your wants, needs, and budget so that we can create a plan that works for you. Consultations aren’t simple formalities to our contractors. It’s during the consultation that the magic really starts to happen. Work with us when you want hands-on professionalism from celebrated remodelers who listen to your needs and incorporate your ideas into their designs.

Our Remodeling Service can Transform any Space in your House

Whether you want to update your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your house, we can help. We've completed projects of all sizes and scopes, so we can make it happen no matter what you're envisioning. Our team has the experience and expertise to handle any job, big or small.

We're a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Remodeling Needs

When you work with us, there's no need to go from company to company to get all your remodeling done. We can take care of everything—from the initial design to the final touches. And we only use high-quality materials to ensure your remodeling project is built to last.

You will always be kept in the loop, and we'll provide you with regular updates so that you know exactly how your project is progressing.

We Are the Remodelers to Know

With hundreds of remodeling companies to choose from in New York City, it can be hard to know where to start. The experts at CE Space Planning Inc. want to be your #1 choice. For years, we have been helping homeowners and business owners transform their properties. Whether you are looking to replace the fixtures in your kitchen or looking to add an addition to your home or building, we are the company to know and the company to call.

Detail-Oriented Home Remodelers

The Difference Is in the Details

Many people wonder what it is that sets us apart from our professional peers. Our single most defining characteristic is our attention to detail. We never fail to consider even the smallest facets of the remodeling process. From the integrity of paint primers to the quality of the light fixtures and the bathroom tiles, we only work with the finest products available today.

Our methodical and considered nature won't just give you picture-perfect results today. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your newly remodeled home will look wonderful for years to come. The sustainable and high-quality products we use will make sure your renovations and improvements stand the test of time. That is our promise to you.

Would you like to see the difference a little professionalism can make? To learn more about the high-quality, custom remodeling services we offer, dial (718) 937-0513 today.

Get in Touch!

Book a Consultation with Our Renovation Company

In our offices, we consider the initial consultation to be extremely important. During the consultation, we devote as much time to learning what you want from us as we do communicating what it is that we're able to offer you. We make sure to answer every question, address every concern, and more. Some of the topics discussed pertain to:

  • Time frames and deadlines
  • Budgeting
  • Design concepts
  • Material preferences
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • And more

If you are thinking about remodeling your home or business space, get in touch with our experts today. We will be more than happy to book you in for a consultation at a convenient time and get the project started as soon as possible.

Our remodelers have worked in this business for years and know that every property owner has a different vision and set of goals for renovating their space. We will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your vision, the type of materials you want to use, and the budget you are working with. We strive to bring you customized care and personalized results that you will be proud to show off to your friends, family, and clients.

When the initial consultation is complete, we will be able to draw up an estimate outlining the cost of the project and the timeline. Providing you with this information upfront helps us to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

Expert Home Remodeling

An experienced remodeler makes for a wise and savvy remodeler. Needless to say, our team has collectively garnered more experience than most. Over the years, we’ve learned to anticipate and bypass some of the most common remodeling setbacks. Our professional wisdom saves you time, money, and lots of needless stress.

Our Passion, Our Profession

Helping clients remodel their homes is one of our greatest passions. It is easy to outgrow your space, and when you do, get in touch with our experts before you call your realtor. Our professional designers and contractors can help you re-envision your space and bring your vision to fruition before your very eyes.

Are you hoping to eliminate those walls and hollow columns from your kitchen and dining area? Would you like to add a backsplash to your counters? We can tackle all these projects and more. Some of the most common residential remodeling projects we complete include:

  • Kitchen remodels
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Basement remodels
  • Attic remodels
  • Home additions

Rest assured, no matter the scope of your residential remodeling project, we can help you. We have the experience and the equipment to tackle whole-house remodels, intricate bathroom remodels, and everything in between.

Seasoned Home Design and Remodeling Contractors

Have you been thinking about making a change to your home? Are you looking for something unique and sophisticated that will personalize your space and make your residence stand out from the others on your street? We’d like to assure you that you’re in the right place. Our design team is second to none when matching your vision with the perfect finished product. This is because we go above and beyond to understand your goals right from the very start.

Our interactive consultation process allows you to explore your heart’s content design options. This way, you are delighted with the selection you choose in the end. Let our design professionals make your dreams come to life—you deserve nothing but the best.

Make an appointment for an initial consultation to get started today.

Innovative Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

It would be an understatement to say we’ve seen our fair share of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects over the years. In fact, we’ve been fortunate to be a part of hundreds of home renovations that feature these two spaces because making upgrades in these areas adds the most resale value to your property.

With that said, many homeowners are making upgrades to these areas for the simple pleasure of convenience and customization. Whatever your motivation is to transform your home, we’re always here to help. From upgrading appliances and fixtures to installing new cabinets, countertops, flooring, and much more, we’re the reliable construction professionals you can always count on for meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Take the first step toward preparing a meal in the kitchen of your dreams. Reach us today to consult at no risk of feeling pressured to purchase.

Create a New Living Space with Attic Remodeling

Attic remodeling is a great way to add value to your home and get extra living space without going through the hassle and expense of moving. Our attic remodeling service can take care of everything for you, from creating creative ideas to completing the work quickly and efficiently. We specialize in making the most out of small spaces, so you can be sure that your attic will be transformed into a beautiful and functional room that you'll love.

Our Basement Contractors Are in High Demand

Adding more space to your home without increasing your actual house size is an ideal way to gain versatile, usable living space without spending a lot of extra money. Our basement contractors are masters of their craft. With the ability to completely reshape your downstairs area to your exact taste, the sky is practically the limit when it comes to design and finishing options.

Recently, our clients have asked us to create basement spaces that function in the following ways:

  • Recreational space
  • Home gyms
  • Home offices
  • Family rooms
  • Games rooms
  • Entertainment and bar areas
  • Additional bedrooms
  • Rental apartments for income or family care
  • Home spas
  • And more!

We’d love to know what you have in mind for your basement. Reach us by phone or email to discuss the details.

Stay Fit with a Home Gym Remodelling

What better way to stay fit and healthy than creating your home gym? Our remodeling service can help you to transform your basement, garage or spare room into a state-of-the-art workout space. We'll work with you to design a gym that meets your specific needs, and we can include features such as soundproofing, climate control, and storage solutions. Our team of experts will also handle all the details - from obtaining the necessary permits to supervising the construction work.

Garage Remodel Contractors

If your garage has seen better days, it’s not too late to revamp it into a functional space you can use to store vehicles, perform automotive repairs, let off some steam with your friends, or pursue your favorite hobby. Not only will this add value and curb appeal to your home overall, but it will also give you an additional space to use in whatever way you see fit.

Take advantage of our garage remodeling expertise to build the space you’ve always wanted to call your own.

Update Your Commercial Property with Our Remodeling Services

Commercial remodeling and residential remodeling differ in a variety of ways. Thankfully, we are well-acquainted with both services. We’ve helped revitalize medical offices, lobbies, apartment complexes, retail spaces, and more. We know what our clients want—and most importantly, we know what their clientele expects from the spaces, too.

As a business owner, you know the importance of good impressions. If your commercial property is outdated or no longer living up to expectations, you may be considering a renovation, and we are more than happy to help.

Whether you want to redesign your foyer, remodel your staff room, or completely reinvent your property, we have the skills to produce high-quality results you’ll love.

When we work with commercial clients, we take extra care to complete your project on time and budget so you can get back to serving your customers fast.

Renovations That Match Your Budget

If you are thinking about making changes to your property but want to make sure that it fits into your finances, CE Space Planning Inc. is a great place to start. We pride ourselves on offering affordable remodeling solutions to anyone that inquires with us, so you can get the renovations you want without breaking the bank.

Custom Remodeling Made to Last

After going through the effort of remodeling your property, it helps to know that your new additions are made to last. Our remodeling contractors are committed to using the highest quality tools and materials and have a solid history of amazing work, so you can feel confident in your investment when you work with us.

The Remodelers for Jobs of All Sizes

When it comes to our renovations, we take every job seriously. When you inquire with us about a prospective job, you can rest assured that we will approach it to the full extent of our abilities. Big or small, we are happy to provide our services for any project that will benefit from our professional experience and expertise.

Creative Remodeling Solutions

Getting the best results with your renovations is not always about spending as much money as possible—a creative and intelligent approach can also go a long way. We pride ourselves on our keen sense of design and have a mission to constantly outdo ourselves, which is what helps us create remarkable work on every job. If you are looking to make the most of your remodeling budget, you can't go wrong with us.

Top-Notch Remodeling Without the Wait

We work hard to provide our services around the schedules of our clients. No matter when it makes sense for us to complete your work, you can count on us to be there on time and ready to go. Once we arrive, we work efficiently and attentively, taking no shortcuts on our way to providing you with streamlined remodeling work.

Call us if you have a project idea. In our experience, many clients think their ideas are too lofty until they talk it out with us and see how easy it is. When you speak with a knowledgeable remodeling contractor like us, we will break the project down into little digestible pieces so you can see how easy or difficult it will truly be to complete the project.

Whether you are re-doing your kitchen or adding an addition to your property, we will provide you with accurate information every step of the way.

 Set up your consultation for your project so you can see that your once lofty idea is instead a completely feasible project.

Increase Your Property Value with Quality Remodeling

If you are thinking about making changes to your property, it is worth noting that they could also pay off down the line. High-quality is a great way of investing in your property and making it look more attractive in the real estate market. We put a lot of care and attention into our work, so you can always expect a worthwhile upgrade when you hire us.

Friendly Remodelers at Your Service

When inviting people onto your property for a remodeling project, it always helps to know that they won't cause any friction. At CE Space Planning Inc., our accommodating and polite customer service comes naturally to us and is an important value of our company.

Our team will always be friendly while working on your property. We are there to remodel your residence, but we can also provide answers to the questions you have, insights into the progress of the project, advice about maintenance care, or any other questions you might have. Remodeling takes a long time. You will get to know the team well throughout the process, and no questions will ever be off-limits.

CE Space Planning Inc. believes that providing good customer service is more than just quality craftsmanship. It's also providing a pleasant experience for the client. Our remodelers will never be unpleasant or gruff to you during the project. They will work hard to get the job done and be amicable while doing it.

If that sounds like the kind of team you'd like to work with – please let us know. We look forward to working with you.

Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed

When you hire us for your remodeling project, you can rest assured that you're getting the best of the best. We only work with experienced and reputable contractors who share our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Plus, we stand behind our work - if you're not completely satisfied with the finished product, we'll make it right.

Are You Ready for Your Remodeling Quote?

If you are considering our services and would like to start putting things in motion, we invite you to reach out to us and speak with one of our experts. We will gladly listen to the details of the work you are looking for and provide you with a risk-free quote on what we will charge to get it done.

The quote we provide for your project will be very detailed. We've done this many times, and we know what we are talking about. We will give you a few different price options, as the bottom line will vary based on a few factors.

The quote will be more an estimate until we have firmer plans. You'll have a much more accurate quote once we get deep into the consultation. The consultation process is there so we can discuss the details of your project, leaving nothing up in the air.

The consultation discussions will include your design, materials, budget, timeline, etc. Once everything is agreed upon, and we've overcome all the project obstacles, your quote will be accurate enough to plan around financially.

We'll choose a date to get started, and then we'll be on the right track toward remodeling success.

Contact Our Talented Remodelers Today

When it comes time to renovate your New York home or business, get in touch with a renovation company that you can trust. CE Space Planning Inc. experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your project comes together without a hitch.

We are always here to help you get started on a new project. With as many successful projects under our belts as we have, you should be confident in our skills to yield success for the project. You'd be hard-pressed to find a team as willing and accommodating as we are to client ideas. We are the team that will provide you with the results you've been looking for. Think of us as your collaborators.

If you want to get a better sense of our work, we invite you to check out our gallery of photos – there you will see the quality of work that we offer.

We have representatives waiting to speak with you on the phone if you have a remodeling project in mind. Just call them, and they will tell you about everything you can expect from the process. Depending on the extent of the project, there may be some red tape to get through. We will help you through that too.

Give us a call any time. You can reach us at (718) 937-0513. We will be there to give you a quote or set up a consultation with you.

We look forward to working with you!