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CE Space Planning Inc.:

Full-Service Remodeling Company

If you are looking for the area’s most highly experienced and skilled remodeling contractor, look no further. CE Space Planning Inc. is a local remodeling contractor of the highest order. With over 30 years of providing our clients with fully customizable remodeling options, top-notch customer service, and undeniably beautiful results, we are the obvious choice for your next project.

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CE Space Planning Inc.: 30 Years of Remodeling Experience

Back in 1995, Vincent Miller began this business with the intent of providing premium remodeling and renovation services, as well as becoming the go-to custom home builder for the good people of New York City. Our continued success has allowed our services to expand and cover a wide area ranging from NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

We can’t wait to speak with you about your new project. When you get in touch with our team, we’ll book a consultation, draw up plans, and set our budget for the project.

Over 30 Years Of Remodeling Experience

Remodeling Contractor

With such a broad history of experience and excellence, there is no better choice than CE Space Planning Inc. when you need a commercial or home remodeling contractor. The range of services, top-tier customer service, and personal touch that we add to every job make us the sure choice for any remodeling job that you can envision. Just take a quick look through our website to see many examples of beautiful remodeling jobs we have done in the area.

Our team uses only the best tools and materials to get the job done right. All the work we do is done with long-lasting quality in mind.

Our services include:

  • Residential remodeling contractor
  • Commercial remodeling contractor
  • Bathroom remodeling contractor
  • Kitchen remodeling contractor
  • Home additions
  • Custom Homebuilding
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If what you need us to do doesn’t fit neatly into any one of the previously mentioned categories, give us a call anyway. We are sure we can help you with the success of your project.

Residential and Commercial Renovations

Whether you need to breathe some new life into your living area or boost company morale at the office, our comprehensive remodeling services can help you.

We have years of experience helping both residential and commercial clients with their remodeling needs, which makes us confident that we can accomplish what you need us to. After working on so many different projects, we understand what designs will look good in which spaces and know how to bring the best out of any space.

Custom Home Builder

Build your dream home by hiring CE Space Planning Inc.. The days of a custom home being exclusively for the wealthy are no longer. Just one quick call with our team and we’ll enlighten you of the budget requirements necessary to carry out a custom home project. We are experts at sticking to the budget without sacrificing quality. Besides having an excellent credit rating, and the persistence to go through all the many factors necessary in taking this path, there is nothing to it!

We will help you every step of the way in building your custom home – and there is no better way to get started than by booking a consultation with our team today. Just call (718) 937-0513.